Company Profile

We are a leading concrete services provider in Hong Kong.  According to the Euromonitor Report, we ranked first among concrete services providers in Hong Kong with a market share of approximately 23.3% in terms of the total revenue of the concrete services industry in Hong Kong in 2015.

We have over 12 years of experience in undertaking concrete placing works in Hong Kong.  Concrete placing generally refers to the process by which concrete is deposited into its final position that meets the specifications of strength, impermeability and durability as required in different construction works. We principally provide concrete placing services and other ancillary services (such as provision of sundry, cleaning services for construction sites and rental of concrete placing machinery) as a subcontractor for both (i) public sector projects, including building and infrastructure related projects, and (ii) private sector projects, which are mostly building related projects in Hong Kong.

Our direct customers are mostly main contractors of various types of building and infrastructure projects in Hong Kong.  Such projects can generally be categorised into public sector projects and private sector projects. Public sector projects refer to projects which the main contractors are employed by the Government or statutory bodies while private sector projects refer to those that are not public sector projects. The majority of our revenue during the Track Record Period was derived from private sector projects, representing approximately 71.0%, 86.0% and 71.0% of our revenue for the three years ended 31 March 2016, respectively. Our concrete placing projects are non-recurring in nature.  As a subcontractor, we secure our projects from main contractors after a competitive tendering process whereby we are invited to submit our tender.